In conjunction with the different equipment with which Hardy® (Hann Kuen Machinery & Hardware, Co., Ltd.), has for the different machining specialties, devices that in turn collaborate in obtaining Automated Manufacturing Cells of a higher operational level, as well as the strengthening of equipment that already exists on the plant floor applicable to the different types of transformation on the pieces that already circulate on a daily basis both in small workshops and in large companies.

Among the additional components that we currently handle handled within our product lines are the following:


CK Series

  • Adjustable Height Platform

DDS Series

  • Clamping Devices.

Deschner® Corporation

  • DK Series
    • Deschner® Kinecheck® Speed Regulators
  • PCK Series
    • Deschner® PeckCheck® Drilling Control

HF & HFV Series

  • Square Box and Ducktail Sliding Profiles.

RJ Series

  • Rotating Joint For Coolant.

RS Series

  • Short Type Rotary Hydraulic Cylinders with Stroke Control and Through Hole Safety Device.

RV & RV-A Series

  • Hydraulic Rotary Valve.