Ishan Precision Industrial Co., Ltd was established in Taichung, Taiwan in 1992. It has been researching and developing Centralized Lubrication Systems, becoming Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of lubrication systems. Ishan® Precision provides lubrication systems widely used in industrial machinery such as CNC machine centers, lathes, grinding machines, plastic injection machines, forging machines, woodworking machines, etc …

The company has been promoting since its foundation the following values:

  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation.

Our quality policy is to achieve quality first, pursue advanced technology, and meet customer satisfaction.

Ishan Precision® can also provide customers with the reliable lubrication system specifically designed for their production purposes.

Ishan Precision’s Quality Control program is approved by ISO-9001 standards, and the electric lubricator lines are certified with CE Safety certification through TÜV.

Currently, it supplies supplies for global market demand through its production facilities in Taichung, Taiwan.

As Taiwan machinery is increasingly used in all global markets, it hopes to become a supplier chain partner for global customers and thereby contribute to mutual success as well as building a global sales network of products .

IShan® and SMUS® brand Centralized Lubrication Systems are renowned and recognized by brands and developers of automatic systems, line applications until their already common use within the exclusive field of CNC applications, being used by those firms that seek reliability, quality as well as innovation to integrate it into your production systems.

Being led by the hand the policy that “Quality is First”, the “Technological Advancement”, as well as “The Search for Customer Satisfaction”.

The elements that make up the “Lubrication” and “Cooling” systems are the following:

Currently, it runs two trademarks, the original brand, which is most commonly recognized in the world of Centralized Lubrication.

and the new brand that is promoted in the market of high-end products

Which is the brand that currently has 3 years of distributing its products in the Japanese market and is currently a line equipment in globally recognized brands of CNC equipment of the highest reputation.