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The Facing Head (Interior and Exterior Machining), tops the list of new developments released to the market by HARDY® (Hann Kuen Machinery & Hardware, Co., Ltd.).

Spindle’s Stroke and Front Head Slider are designed to be driven by Servo Motors for a precise and controlled movement. The Spindle motor can be Three-Phase Electric Current or Servo Motor, in order to make it one of the best and most innovative elements of our lines.

The roundness of the Spindle Nose is within 0.002 mm and the repeatability of the sliding of the Movable Tapping Head is within 0.01 mm.

The sliding transmission for the Facing Head is designed with linear rails and a ball screw that are controlled simultaneously by a Servo Motor Control.

This unit is capable of processing Internal ID (Internal Diameter) and OD(Outside Diameter)  for machining operations such as Turning, Grooving, Conical Boring, Conical Threading, Concave / Convex Rounding as well as an extensive range of spherical machining, etc...

You can find the following model of Facing Heads, within our extensive Series of products.

S Series Facing Heads

SR Series Facing Heads

  • SR Series Servo Spindle Facing Heads.
    • Our wide variety of Simple and Double facing heads, is design according to each of the needs or requirements of the process in which they will be used, and based on this selection, they will be mounted on the spindle and movement system, to achieve the best facing movement configuration for each customer request.

FMDM SERIES Facing Heads

Such implements are as follows:

Facing Chuck With Single Lateral Movement

  • FA Series
    • Facing Chuck With Single Lateral Movement

Facing Chuck With Double Lateral Movement

  • FD Series
    • Facing Chuck With Double Lateral Movement
*This items are manufactured by special customer request. All this designs are protected under ® Copyright under the following Patent Numbers:

Patent No. N510810

SIPO Patent No. 201520726205.6